Sundial in Gaiola (CN)


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Place: Gaiola (CN)
        latit. 44 20' 06" N
        long. 7 24' 37" E

Vertical dial on a declining wall 50 21'  east

Polar style and ortho-style with gnomonic hole.

French hour lines for true local time, (longitude correction 30'), solstice and equinox lines, declination lines for birthdays of people in the family.

Decoration : Monte Argentera, Monte Saben, Monte Matto and Mon Viso with emblem of Conte di Tolosa dated 1165 (Croce Occitana).

Motto : Lom segna el temp, el temp segna lom... "Man marks time, time marks man"

 Elvio Giordano 2013
 Manuela Giordano e Lara Carletto