Sundial in Rivarolo Canavese


click for a larger image Place: Rivarolo Canavese - Via Montenero 5
        latit. 45 19' 54" N
        long. 7 43' 10" E

Vertical sundial on declining wall 95 27' east

Polar style: substyle distance 44.5 
       substyle height 3.8
        polar style 3000 mm
        ortho-style 200 mm

French hour lines showing CEMT (longitude correction 29'7")

Day lines for solstices, equinoxes and 1st February (birthday of the owner)

Motto: "Meam vide umbram, tuam videbis vitam"

Design: Gian Casalegno 2014
Decoration: Cristina Marchino 2014