Orologi solari


Orologi solari



  • Girolamo Fantoni, “Trattato completo di Gnomonica”, Technimedia 1988
    This was (as it cannot be found anymore) the bible for Italian dialists

  • René Rohr, “Meridiane”, Ulisse Edizioni 1988
    An English version is available too :
    René Rohr, “SUNDIALS History, Theory and Practice”, Dover Publications 1996

  • Enrico del Favero, “Meridiane – Tecniche di Lettura Progettazione e Costruzione”, De Vecchi Editore 1999

  • Linda Perina e Renzo Zanoni, “Meridiane – Le Tecniche”, Demetra s.r.l. 1996

  • Linda Perina e Renzo Zanoni, “Meridiane Antiche e Moderne”, Demetra s.r.l. 1996
    A collection of nice pictures.

  • Jean Meeus, Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell Inc. 1998
    All the theory and the formulae for the computation of sun position, equation of time etc.


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