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Orologi solari

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SunDialSaver is a screen saver for Windows.
When installed in Windows desktop, it shows the current time on whichever dial that has been designed with the program Orologi Solari.

Design your own dial with Orologi Solari and save it to a gnm file.
Then select the gnm file in the Poperties of the installed Windows screen saver.
Or select one of the several gnm example files installed together with SundialSaver.

Download rev. 17.2

Setup Orologi Solari (full version)

Setup SunDialSaver  : setup program for the installation of SunDialSaver.

Simply run "Setup SunDialSaver" and follow the instructions (you need administrator capabilities on your PC).

The screensaver is automatically installed with an example dial, in order to change the displayed dial change the setup in Desktop Properties.

Orologi Solari.zip (full version)

SunDialSaver.zip  : zipped version, not self-installing

You can download this file if you find troubles because you don't have administrator capabilities on your PC.

Just unzip the file and put everything in a directory.

To install the screensaver, copy "SunDialSaver.scr" and all the .gnm files to the Windows directory, then select the screensaver in Desktop Properties and set your desired .gnm file in screensaver setup.


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