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This is the most complete freeware program available on the web!!!

It includes the computation of the wall declination, it simulates the behaviour of the dial, it includes an optional screensaver based on the result of your design!

This application permits the design of a vertical declined / inclined / horizontal sun dial  with french, italic, babilonic, twilight hours and with day lines etc., moreover it includes horizontal and vertical analemmatic dials, azimuth ortho/stereographic, monofilar, shepherd's dials, ascendant lines, ecliptic hours, azimuth and elevation lines, islamic prayer lines, reflection sundials, bifilar sundials and more.

Graphs can be exported to PDF files for full scale printing or to DXF files for further processing with CAD programs. Raster graphics (jpg, tiff, gif, bmp...) can also be produced for dial documentation.

Simulation : you can see the position of the style shadow for any desired date and time. Balconies, roofs and near buildings can be defined and added to the simulation.

Reverse engineering : starting from the measured elements of an existing vertical declining /horizontal dial, you can obtain the original unknown parameters of the dial : latitude, wall declination, style length etc.

The user interface is in Italian, English, Czech (thanks to Jaromir Ciesla), Portuguese (thanks to Ricardo Cernic and Juarez Silveira Sant'Anna), French (thanks to Luigi Ghia) and Spanish (thanks to Alejandro Farah) languages.

Download rev. 31.13 (list of revisions)


Setup Orologi Solari (versione completa)

Setup Orologi Solari (versione completa)


Setup Orologi Solari: automatic installation of OS together with all the help files (administrator capabilities required).

Orologi Solari.zip : zipped version, not self-installing, of OS together with all the help files.

Reset Orologi Solari: this small utility can be used to delete every Orologi Solari data from the windows registry; useful when data get corrupted and cannot be restored with Orologi Solari



Setup Orologi Solari (full version)
Setup Orologi Solari (full version)


Setup Orologi Solari (simplified version)LE

Attention: version 28.5 is still available in order to solve any compatibility issue with the new versions (migrated from VS 6.0 dated 1998 to VS 2013). Please use the old version in case of problems with the new version only (and please let me know which is your problem ! thanks !)

Setup Orologi Solari 28.5  : setup program for the installation of Orologi Solari.
Setup Orologi Solari Help 28.5 : setup program for the help files (not included in previous setup)

Simply run "Setup Orologi Solari" and "Setup Orologi Solari Help" and follow the instructions (you need administrator capabilities on your PC).

Simplified version of the program: Setup Orologi Solari LE

Orologi Solari.zip (full version)
Orologi Solari.zip (full version)  





Orologi Solari.zip (simplified version)LE

Orologi Solari 28.5.zip  : zipped version, not self-installing
Orologi Solari Help 28.5.zip : help files for all supported languages (not included in previous zip file)

You can download this file if you find troubles because you don't have administrator capabilities on your PC.

Just unzip the file and put everything in a directory. To run the program simply double click "Orologi Solari.exe". Help files .chm are blocked by Windows: click on them with the right mouse button and select "Remove block".

This version is also useful if you don't want to install the program to the hard disc and you just want to use it from a pen drive.

Simplified version of the program: Orologi Solari LE.zip

Orologi Solari.pdf

Orologi Solari.pdf

This is a starting point for sundials understanding and design.
It can also be read online through this link.

Unfortunately it is in Italian only, I hope to have English and Czech versions available soon.

Orologi Solari revisions

List of all the past revisions of the program, each explained with its main new features.

Orologi Solari

How to... design a new dial

How to... measure the declination of a wall

How to... choose the best position for a new dial

How to... trasfer the dial drawing to the wall

How to... compute the horizon profile

How to... use the horizon profile

How to... design a geographic dial

How to... design a reflection dial

How to... design a bifilar sundial

Orologi Solari examples

Examples and graphs of the features of the program

Reverse engineering example

Example for using the "reverse engineering" program capability.

Reverse engineering example

One more example for using the "reverse engineering" program capability.


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